Virtual Server Companies in United Kingdom

Virtual Servers are the ones that need to exist in some place at a physical location. Though the name says virtual, the server should exist at some place which will help multiple hosting destinies to grab certain space or a set of resources from the physical server. The term virtual is given because those servers will allow the consumers to share their space virtually without giving the clear information where it is exactly stored. United kingdom is a hub for virtual servers and it serves to Europe as well.

There are various companies in the United Kingdom which owns these types of Virtual and dedicated Servers. We will be seeing the details of such organizations today.

The companies offer various services which include call centers communication on a dedicated cloud which can be seen at this site.


This company is best known for hosting the websites or the blogs with the help of the Virtual servers available with this organization. This company is meant for the serious Entrepreneurs and the bloggers who should not be really worrying about the cost of the servers. Though SiteGround declares a big cost for deploying the applications, they also come up with other additional features. 

SiteGround allows the hosting with the additional provisioning of 4GB RAM, 5TB data transfer, and 40GB SSD. With the high cost, the SiteGround gives you a certain level of comfortability as they help with managing the servers completely end to end without any major challenge or hurdle in maintaining the hosted Virtual space. 

Their concept is to allow the users focus only on their business and their blog sites without getting into any intervention of managing the servers. Main advantage of Virtual Servers is to upgrade the system when the user base or the load increases for either a website or a blog site. Increase in load would generally be considered as a good sign on business improvement. 

Siteground allows an easy option of improving the scalability. The system upgradation can happen any time and the site will allow you to scale the application with additional CPU or the RAM at any given time. Thus, SiteGround gives the flexibility of owning a dedicated server because there need not be any wait time for the upgradation to happen. SiteGround comes with a 14-day money back guarantee for the hosting.


This provider This application has is well known for hosting because of the low price that has been mentioned for any virtual server hosting. This provider has lot of signups on the whole and general the average sign up goes up till 15,000 in a day. Due to its low cost this provider is mainly preferred by the users who are even new to virtual server hosting. This provider would help us to upgrade when you need more bandwidth. 

The upgradation plan would generally come with the increase of CPU up to 8 cores the storage space up to 160 GB the bandwidth up to 8TB and finally the ram up to 8 GB. The normal plan comes with €3.95 per month on the expensive plan goes with €29.95. The provider gives us an option of 30-day money back guarantee which is a more most attractive feature because it allows any new virtual server hosting to explorer and understand the features. The most important feature is it comes with a range of Linux based operating system along with windows-based operating system

A2 hosting

This provider comes with a different model that the customer would have to pay for the resources that are used so more similar to the cloud-based hosting.

The A2 hosting servers are like 20 times faster than the normal servers. This provider comes with 24/7 support for the entire year and hence you do not need to worry about the problems related to hosting at any given time


This provider also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee on the hosting. Beyond that the provider comes with a cash back option of almost up to £100. The best feature of this provider is that they come with a SLA that helps you to be always confident that the servers would be up and running at any time without major problem on the downtime activities. Due to SLA the provider would make sure that there is a closer 100% assurance on the uptime of their VPS. 

Also, the Fasthosts comes with a friendly option of providing a payment for every hourly usage or it could be as normal as a monthly usage. Fasthosts comes with an option to even downgrade from the current setup and hence the cost would also get altered based on upgrade or the downgrade of the server set up. The data centres are well secured and there is a good support team available to handle the queries or the issues.


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